Top 5 Best Video Baby Monitor

The world is evolving and everyday new histories are made. The world of our little children has not been left behind either and everyday companies dealing in baby products are coming up with very unique appliances for our babies. It is a great thing that now we have the best video baby monitor and some of them give us the opportunities to stay with our children no matter where we are.

From video monitors that connect to our phones via an app to those that give us the opportunity to talk to our children while in a different room. We now have it all



Total Connection Company 2018model video baby monitor

Just recently released the Total Connection’s 2018 baby video monitor is already causing ripples in the market with its unique features. It has a high quality image and its infrared feature allows you to see the image of the child well into the night. The receiver that is fitted with a battery is thin enough to fit into a pocket meaning you can carry it around the house as you do your duties.

This monitor that is among the best baby video monitors also has the capacity to measure temperature, is easy to use and also features a speaker and a microphone that you can use to talk to the baby. This makes it one of the best baby video monitors

LeFun Wireless Camera

LeFun wireless camera is easy to set up and use, it is used with an App that you download free of charge. The camera is of very good quality and once you connect it to the App you will be able to pan, zoom and tilt it from your phone making sure that you can have the best view of your baby. The camera also has a smart motion detector and a motion alert feature that delivers pictures directly to your phone.

It also has an SD slot that saves all the snapshots movements. The fact that there are people who use this monitor as surveillance camera shows that it is truly one of the best baby video monitors in the market today.

Brobot BabyCam HD baby Monitor

Brobot BabyCam is one the best baby video monitors considering the features it has. It is very easy to set up and has very high quality night and day features. It automatically turns to night mode once it gets dark.

This is also one of the best baby video cameras because you can zoom, tilt and pan from your phone which gives a clearer picture of what is happening with little of the best features in this baby video monitor are the motion sensors. The fact that you can even watch and see what is happening in the house while you are away makes it one of the best baby video cameras.

BESTTHING Video baby monitor

BESTTHING Baby video monitor is among the top rated of the best baby video monitors. With a good battery life and high quality pictures, it is slowly taking over the market. It features a great night vision that is powered by a LED infrared and an excellent range for both the sound and the images. You can hear the sound of the baby breathing and it is also possible to talk to the baby through the speakers. This features make BESTTHING baby monitor to be in the league of the best baby video monitors.

Palermo Best HD baby video monitor

Palermo HD baby video monitor is one of the best baby video monitors and rightly has great features like very good clarity. Both its night and day vision are very good and it automatically turns to night mode once it is dark.

It is easy to connect and once you connect it you can comfortably use the zoom, pan and tilt modes. This feature allows you to see everything about your baby and what they are doing. While the camera is tilting it doesn’t have any unnecessary noise and will move effortlessly. This features strategically places it among the best baby video monitors.


Never again should you worry about your baby. Whether you are home but in a different room or you are away from home, it doesn’t matter you don’t need to worry. Simply get one of this top rated best baby video monitors and have the peace of mind that you need to have.

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